Building a New Way … To Worship

This Sunday, June 21, will be our last time to do worship though Zoom.  Beginning June 28, our worship service will be held on the “Youtube Premiere” platform.  The service time – Sundays at 10:00 am – will remain the same

What This Will Mean For You:
A link will be posted on, just as it is now, except the link will take you to Youtube. Just like now, there will be a video at 9:45 with a note about the service beginning at 10:00 am. Also just like now, there will be a chat box during the service so that  you can share your joys/sorrows, chalice lighting, answers to the reflection question, etc.   

The quality should be better than what you’ve experienced with Zoom, as it will be coming straight to you, rather than through someone else’s Zoom account.

Our Fellowship Time and regular meetings/gatherings will still be held on Zoom.

Why Change:
Zoom worked okay for the past three months,  but Youtube Premiere will offer:

  • better quality for the end user (you),
  • more dependable
  • closed-captioning
  • more accessible.

The way Zoom worship worked is that you were watching a service that was streaming to someone’s computer, which meant that if that person’s internet dropped, the entire service would go down. Pretty nerve-wracking!

Come Experiment Ahead of Time:
On Tuesday, June 23 at 6 pm, we’ll replay a previous service via Youtube Premiere so you can come see what it’s like, experiment with chat, etc. A link will be posted on

Help Needed:
Right now, it looks like we’re going to be doing worship online for months, so we need to move out of “crisis mode” and into something more sustainable. What we need for Sunday mornings:

Producers: This is our most pressing need. We need a team of people who can take turns “stitching” the service elements into one movie, which will be uploaded to youtube and scheduled to premiere. Average time needed per week: 1 hour when it’s “your” week. Zero time the rest of the month. Equipment needed: computer with internet. There are free video editors that will work just fine for this, and we’ll teach you – no experience necessary.

Moderators: We need a couple of moderators each week who can remove anyone who “bombs” our service with inappropriate things in the chat. (This may never happen, but we need to be prepared.)

Vergers: Vergers post appropriate things in chat, e.g. links to donate, the link to fellowship time, etc.

If you can help us out by serving in one of these roles (we’re hoping to form online versions of our “HoMe” teams), please email