Author: Rev. Joanna

This Unfamiliar (Again) Road

Last spring, I tried to contact every household at Live Oak to see how everyone was doing. It took longer than I anticipated, for a wonderful reason – many of these emails prompted a back-and-forth of really getting into our experiences of the pandemic and … read more.

Looking Forward: BYOC Church!

I am a fan of gallows humor, that instinct to take a bad situation and find humor in it. During this disheartening month as we’ve seen the covid numbers rise precipitously and our expectations for the fall have a correspondingly fast drop, the “My … read more.

Is it Anger or …?

We’re angry. Lots and lots of us. We got vaccinated, we’ve worn masks, we’ve worked from home, educated our kids at home, did our shopping curbside. We were responsible. We were grown-ups.

But now, the number of covid patients is skyrocketing. If we are so … read more.

Getting the Twisties

Gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympics, and other gymnasts began explaining why. She had “the twisties,” which the Washington Post described:
“But then suddenly you’re upside down in midair and your brain feels disconnected from your body. Your limbs that usually control how much … read more.

Deciding to be Happy

The internet world is buzzing over an “America’s Got Talent” performance, where Jane Marczewski performs an original song:

Maczewski, who goes by “Nightbirde” as a performer, shared with the judges and audience the significant health challenges she’s experiencing, but concluded, “You can’t wait until life … read more.

I Envy the Trees

I envy the trees,
The ones that seemingly went dead in the freeze
Dropping all their leaves leaving their branches bare
But now they’re back,
Lush and lusty, “uttering joyous leaves of green”
Like I’ve never seen before.
I envy them. Wouldn’t it have been great to take … read more.

Feeling “Crunchy”?

By about May every year, schoolteachers, ministers, and religious professionals will often talk about feeling “crispy.” What we mean is that we’re less patient, less creative. We know that we are quicker to feel irritable, so we try to give each other more grace. We … read more.