Author: Rev. Joanna

The Learning Clergy

Some of the books I’ll be studying this summer.

A Live Oaker was interested in my study leave, and what
kinds of things I’m doing during this time. Maybe you’re interested, too?

First thing, I’m finalizing the liturgical calendar – the
calendar of worship services – for the … read more.

From UUA General Assembly – Spokane, WA

Carrie and I are here in Spokane, WA this week, for our respective professional days (before General Assembly, the Liberal Religious Educators Association and the UU Ministers’ Association each meet), plus the UU General Assembly.

General Assembly, or “GA,” is an annual meeting of UUs around … read more.

Summer, summer, summertime …

It has already begun, the summer flitting away on this trip or that. Summer camps, summer vacations, summer projects. We’ve got some great summer programs for when you’re here, AND we realize summer is peak time for getting away.

So right now, add one thing to … read more.

Invite Friends for June 16!

Sunday, June 16 (so the Sunday after this upcoming one) is our annual “Question Box” service. Do you have friends who have been curious about whether Live Oak – and Unitarian Universalism – might be a good fit for them? This is a great service … read more.

Looking ahead to next “church year”

In terms of how we lay out our worship and religious education calendars, our programming parallels an academic calendar, running from September through May, with special summer services and programs. This is the time of year when we begin making our plans for the “new … read more.

The Power of Sacrificial Love

When you see the phrase “sacrificial love,” what does it stir up for you?

It is tempting to never use it, simply because it has been used in some very damaging ways. There’s the whole religious idea that God was so mad at humans that his … read more.

The Big Tent of Live Oak


These two pictures say so much about Live Oak.

And I think they offer a vision for Unitarian Universalism as a whole.

On April 19, we held a Good Friday Tenebrae service at Live Oak with a communion ritual, lifting up the story of the last days … read more.