Author: Rev. Joanna

Have the “Holiday Conversation”

First — you’ve voted already, right? Because that’s the top priority. But judging from all the Live Oakers I’ve talked to, you’ve either voted, or made a specific plan to vote. Yay, you!

So now, even though it’s only October – I encourage you to … read more.

Shelter in Peace

The High Holy Days are over for our Jewish friends, and I have been interested in how they made it through those, doing services in virtual fashion. From them, we can get ideas about the upcoming holidays we will be doing in this weird pandemic … read more.

A Different Kind of Barn Raising

It was wonderful, this past Sunday, to see so many members’ faces, even if they were in a car, and behind a mask. And many members commented on how good it was to see us, and to see the church building. Though the church is … read more.

Groups of Live Oak

One of the things members have said they appreciate during this time are all the opportunities to connect with others. We have many groups to choose from, but especially if you’re new to Live Oak, it may be difficult to differentiate between them. So here … read more.

Living Out the Best Narrative

We’ve been talking, as a church, about the narrative we are creating right now, the story of “Live Oak During the Pandemic.” Stories are powerful things. In the book Systemic Interventions for Collective and National Trauma, researcher Michal Shamai looked at the groups who survived … read more.

Living the Story

Last week, Live Oak members and friends gathered for a Town Hall after the worship service. The question to discuss: what do we want the story of “Live Oak During the Pandemic” to be?

We went into breakout groups for our discussions, then reported back … read more.


When I was a young adult, my parents sold my childhood home, put most of their belongings in storage, and became full-time RVers, traveling the country. With the self-centeredness that most of us are allowed with our parents, I wondered what this meant for me … read more.

Off to Reboot My Brain…

Dear Live Oak members,
I’m very sorry, but I can no longer remember words. Or names. Including my own. Anyone else feeling like this?

But I’m sure that unplugging the machine that is my brain should do the trick. It takes a little bit longer for … read more.