Who are the members of the Executive Team?

The Rev. Crawford is the Chair of the Executive Team and Karen Santhanam, Tracy Norwood, Brian Winkleman, Alice Sessions, and Phillip Russell are members. Diane Stepakof-Fay participates in all meetings and provides administrative support to the Executive Team.

Who is going to do what?

The Policy Committee has established five ministries with the goal of increasing involvement of all members in the church and accomplishing our Vision and Mission. The Executive Team will be responsible for seeing that enacted policies and programs are carried out by staff and volunteers through these ministries. We will be responsible for keeping the Policy Committee apprised of all progress.

Each member of the Executive Team will concentrate on specific ministries:

Karen Santhanam
Congregational Life Ministry

Alice Sessions
Religious Education Ministry

Tracy Norwood
Community Outreach Ministry

Brian Winkleman
Administration & Operations Ministry

Phillip Russell

Phillip Russell
Spiritual Life Ministry

To communicate with the Executive Team please send an email: Executive Team

Mission Statement:

To oversee the day to day operations of Live Oak UU, making decisions based on the policies established by the policy committee.

Active State: Active

Group Type: Committee

Contact Person: Rev. Joanna F. Crawford

Contact Email: executiveteam@liveoakuu.org

Group Email List: executiveteam@liveoakuu.org

Group Location: Usually Meets in room 106

Group Meeting Date: First Tuesdays @ 5:00 PM

Group’s Parent Group: Policy Committee