A Different Kind of Barn Raising

It was wonderful, this past Sunday, to see so many members’ faces, even if they were in a car, and behind a mask. And many members commented on how good it was to see us, and to see the church building. Though the church is the people, not the building, to see our building and grounds is … well, grounding. It is strong and secure.

And thanks to some of our members, it is still beautiful. The “Zombie bushes” as we call them when their growth gets out of hand, have been pruned. The front garden is a pleasure to behold. Thank you to Hella, Wayne G,, Donavan, and Ray and Becky McP. for all of this work.

The inside of our church building does not look so lovely … and that’s a WONDERFUL thing! Tim B. and Ray McP. are in the process of removing walls, cleaning and painting cabinets, and more, as they move rooms around and transform the former nursery/preK room into what will be a large Adult religious education room. These changes go along with our larger plans we hope to fulfill of putting in an elevator.

In normal times, we would be putting out the call to all our members to take part in this renovation of our building. But because of covid-19, this isn’t safe. Know that Tim and Ray will ask for help as they need it, and are taking this project slow and steady. (And feel free to send them emails, letters of encouragement, and your thanks!)

Take joy in knowing that we are “making hay while the sun shines.” When we are able to all be together again in this building, what a day that will be!